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Namaste - How One Horse Awakened Many Voices

June 2nd, 2013

Namaste - How One Horse Awakened Many Voices

Sometimes, the portrait takes on a life of its own beyond the story of the horse and their person. The portrait becomes a work of art that means something to another, or many others. Then the horse takes on another role, and that is to become a symbol of their kind and the lessons they have to teach us all.

Melisande or ďMelĒ for short, was just such a horse. Mel was an Arabian mare dearly loved by her owner Sharon, who offered her a home in retirement, after her many homes and many years spent as a show horse gathering glory for her riders. With Sharon she had a chance to just be herself, and find out who that self was. When the toll taken on Melís body from her years of service made it clear she was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge, Sharon helped her make that choice with dignity and ease. A year later, Sharon asked me to paint Melís spirit in an Essential Soul Essence Portrait. Instead of just a pretty picture, Sharon wanted me to intuitively express her essence, just as in life, in her portrait, Sharon once again invited Mel to speak for herself. - click link to continue...